BUUR + Sweco Belgium join forces

BUUR + Sweco Belgium join forces

BUUR and Sweco Belgium will join forces on the Transforming Society Together mission.

Sweco Belgium and BUUR have decided to join forces to realise a common mission: the co-creation of a high-quality and sustainable living environments for future generations. BUUR strengthens Sweco’s interdisciplinary approach and will from now on operate under the name BUUR Part of Sweco.

Like this we strengthen our expertise in strategic and spatial planning, urban design, mobility and the creation of public spaces and landscapes. We will guarantee an integrated vision and collaboration between disciplines such as infrastructure, energy, buildings and environmental technology.

Together we consciously want to play an exemplary role in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. Supported by the international Sweco group, we position ourselves at European and global level as a partner in transition.