BUUR Part of Sweco wins 2 prizes at ‘Prijs Publieke Ruimte’ 2021

BUUR Part of Sweco wins 2 prizes at 'Prijs Publieke Ruimte' 2021

Sweco (BUUR Part of Sweco and the Regional Infrastructure division) wins the Public Space Prize with the renovated city park De Motten in Tongeren. The Drongenplein in Ghent wins the Public Award.

BUUR Part of Sweco wins 2 prizes at 'Prijs Publieke Ruimte' 2021
BUUR Part of Sweco wins 2 prizes at 'Prijs Publieke Ruimte' 2021

Every year, the Infopoint Public Space presents an award to the ‘best’ public space in Belgium. The Public Space Prize is a recognition for good commissioning and for a high-quality design and execution of the project. The public can cast its vote for its favourite project in the Audience Award category. We are very proud of this prestigious recognition, and we will continue to work on the design of sustainable public spaces in the future.

De Motten
De Motten sports and recreation park in Tongeren is a good example of how water in the city can give climate adaptation and quality of life a solid boost. The Tongeren city council implemented this vision in its climate adaptation plan, and now after more than 60 years, the Jeker River will once again flow through the city centre. A city park and water experience square were created around the river. Today, the area is a revitalised meeting area with space for recreation facilities. Sweco’s assignment included drawing up a master plan to create a very attractive image for this site. We were also responsible for the design and implementation.

The renewed Drongenplein in Ghent is an attractive green square with many meeting and recreation facilities where cultural heritage and the protected row of lime trees are put in the spotlight. Water also plays a major role in this project: at the level of the old abutment, the Leie River is beautifully portrayed from the new viewing platform, and a play area has been created featuring wooden play elements. If you simply cannot get enough of the water, you can relax on the new stairway construction with a deck on the side of the Oude Abdij (Old Abbey). Sweco was involved in almost all aspects of this multidisciplinary project, such as the design of the roads and the square, follow-up of the implementation and the safety coordination.