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It takes a

“It takes a village to raise a child.”
A well-known African saying that illustrates a universal value: that as a community, we are responsible for creating a pleasant, healthy living environment for our future generations.

Developing ideas, sharing insights, cherishing our environment. This is how we work together, just like children learn when growing up.

It takes a village. Our community and our living environment have become complex, its challenges urgent. It’s more important than ever to shape tomorrow’s environment along sustainable lines, for ourselves, our children and our planet. That requires ambition, creativity and innovation. It’s up to us to achieve this, together with everyone involved, across disciplines and sectors, in different contexts.

BUUR and Sweco are combining therefor forces. By joining together as one, we can have a greater impact on our living environment. To its benefit. Together, we can translate the shared ambition of ‘Transforming Society Together’ into a concrete vision and projects.

BUUR reinforces the interdisciplinary approach adopted by Sweco and will form a single team with Urban.Habitat. Together, we are setting the tone in Belgium, leading the way whilst keeping a view on Europe and our global goals.



BUUR Part of Sweco wins 2 prizes at 'Prijs Publieke Ruimte' 2021

BUUR Part of Sweco wins 2 prizes at ‘Prijs Publieke Ruimte’ 2021

Sweco (BUUR Part of Sweco and the Regional Infrastructure division) wins the Public Space Prize with the renovated city park De Motten in Tongeren. The Drongenplein in Ghent wins the Public Award.

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We work on programs that reflect the most important social issues of our time.

They act as our compass guiding us into the future. By doing so we help to make breakthroughs for the benefit of tomorrow´s world.

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approach and expertise

BUUR Part of Sweco is the leading multidisciplinary research, planning and design team within Sweco Belgium.

The strong cooperation between the different divisions and expertises within Sweco enables us to have a great impact. It offers us the opportunity to contribute on a larger scale to the transition towards an energy- and climate-neutral, healthy and safe society.

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