Technology for people

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Technology for people

Smart cities use information technology to understand and direct the concentration of activities and flows. Our data solutions bring government authorities and residents closer together, thanks to open data and GIS applications. An efficient way to foster exchange and co-creation.

Data as a source of knowledge

Data is omnipresent and therefore an important source of knowledge – but it’s also easy to drown in the sea of data. Happily, data allows itself to be well structured and processed, and thus constitutes the driving force for new technologies, ideas and visions that can help lead to the society of tomorrow.

Citizen science, open source data, FME, GIS, AI … are all made by and for people. These are technological tools that work on their own level but at the same time are closely interwoven with the flows of data. Technology thus literally knows no borders and can build bridges between social, economic and technological worlds. Just like roads, landscapes, waterways and energy networks have a binding function.

Moreover, data and technology can also form crossroads and networks whereby government authorities, citizens and companies can meet one another. Combining the two can help us to better understand each other’s language and to seek solutions together in a constantly changing society or urban environment. Smart Cities, sustainable mobility and sustainable energy networks constitute the first steps …

An important precondition for this is that modern technology must also be able to evolve into the future. It makes no sense to develop something today that cannot be carried along into tomorrow. A sustainable character must be embedded in technology right from the start.

“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.” – Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple

Technology for people

Smart cities

BUUR accompanies local authorities in the use of information technology and the ´Internet of Things´ so as to better manage and run the city.

The reason for using this technology is to attain a better quality of life, a more efficient organization and a stronger relationship between the residents and the government.

We focus in particular on unlocking and sharing open data about the spatial environment which can be used via GIS tools and applications with a broad group of players, as a form of joint analysis, vision and strategy definition, design and implementation.

BUUR is thus also making an active contribution to the ´Smart Cities´ program, which is being run by the Energy division and to which all other divisions are delivering significant added value.

Technology for people
Technology for people