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Pilot project Potterij Mechelen
2018 — 2021

Pilot project Potterij Mechelen

Project director for the elaboration of a development vision for the Potterij site in Mechelen in the context of the ‘Back in Omloop’ pilot projects (in order of OVAM and Team Vlaams Bouwmeester)

De Potterij is a former laundry in the center of the center of Mechelen that was purchased by OVAM for 1 symbolic euro because of the historical pollution that was present at this location. For several years now, OVAM has been fully engaged in the remediation of the site and has set high ambitions for the future: the development of a circular city lab in and around the Potterij!

In the run-up to the Pilot Projects Back in Omloop, on behalf of Team Vlaams Bouwmeester, BUUR organized several workshops together with OVAM where, together with the city, external partners, neighbors and civil society organizations, various potential opportunities (programme, partnerships, linking initiatives) were explored for the future of The Pottery in Mechelen. These workshops resulted in a statement of commitment from various parties (city of Mechelen, Flanders Circular, Thomas More, OCMW, OVAM, H30, etc.) who further consider an integrated future vision for the building as a lab for circular economy.

Through a transition-oriented planning process in collaboration with Miss Miyagi evolved this initial vision of the future at building level into a supported policy vision at building block level. A repurposing of the pottery itself offers 800m² of flexible open space and can form the hub of the city lab. Adjacent infrastructure, however, offers the opportunity to increase the scale of the lab to more than 4000m², so that more diversity of spaces and program can be provided: an office building, a city balcony, fab labs, workshops and H30 as an artistic workplace.

Tailor-made organizations are currently being set up for the circular city lab (the Impact Factory) (real estate company, cooperative, non-profit organisation, etc.) that together with the partners develop, manage, operate and monitor the cluster of spaces.

Pilot project Potterij Mechelen
Pilot project Potterij Mechelen
Pilot project Potterij Mechelen
Pilot project Potterij Mechelen
Pilot project Potterij Mechelen
BUUR + Miss Miyagi
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