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Updating Natura 2000 Brussels management plans
2017 —

Updating Natura 2000 Brussels management plans

Application of the Ordinance on nature management in the Natura 2000 sub-areas in the Brussels-Capital Region

In the period 2006-2010, preliminary draft management plans were drawn up for the 48 sub-areas of the three Special Protection Areas in the Brussels-Capital Region. Since the entry into force of the 1 March 2012 Nature Conservation Ordinance, a legal framework has been provided for the implementation of management in Natura 2000 areas. The conservation objectives for the three Special Protection Areas have now been laid down in three notification decisions.

Sweco’s main task is to update the existing preliminary designs for the Natura 2000 sub-areas based on developments in the field and to conform to the Ordinance. The sub-areas each have their own diverse characteristics, ranging from tightly managed parks over grazed meadows to woodland areas and wetlands managed by Brussels Living Environment or private owners. To this end, Sweco works closely with the site managers and employees within the various departments of Brussels Living Environment.

In addition, our expertise is regularly called upon by Brussels Living Environment in all kinds of assignments related to the Natura 2000 sub-areas. For example, assessing claim files or investigating and substantiating an extension of the “Forests and open areas in the south of the Brussels Region – Verrewinkel-Kinsendaal complex ” Special Protection Area BE1000002.

As part of this task, datasheets were also drawn up containing information on the management of species of regional interest and strictly protected species of the Brussels-Capital Region. See the documents here.

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