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Master planning

PAD casernes Elsene
2017 — 2019

PAD casernes Elsene

Public service contract for the development of the Barracks of Ixelles master plan (“PAD casernes”)

The present mission concerns the elaboration of the Master Development Plan of the former Royal Gendarmerie School of Ixelles (“PAD Casernes”). The development of the mission is carried out iteratively with the Report on Environmental Impact (RIE), conducted by the consulting firm Aries Consultant.

The “Barracks” site concerned is located between Boulevard Général Jacques, Avenue de la Couronne, rue Fritz Toussaint and rue Juliette Wytsman. This is the reallocation of the complex of buildings grouped in the enclosure of the former gendarmerie school on an area of 38,500m². Formerly intended for the training of gendarmes, then occupied by the federal police, the site will have to host an ambitious and complex program. The old barracks lend themselves to harmoniously integrate the future Cité Universitaire Internationale, family housing, services and community facilities.

The PAD will support the transformation process and ensure the transition of the site to a new assignment and a new urban dynamic. The plan will ensure the preservation of the intrinsic qualities of the existing site, while ensuring openness and integration in the neighborhood. The project aims to respect and highlight the exceptional architectural heritage of the site. In addition, this development is accompanied by renovations, new constructions and public spaces beyond the sustainable development requirements in force. Principles related to the circular economy served as a guide throughout the project. The Director Master plan (PAD), a flexible and strategic tool, setting the invariables of the project while leaving the freedom to adapt and develop an innovative project, will allow the change of assignment within a short time.

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