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Urban Mobility Video

Synthesis of a strategy document, development of film narrative and production of film

The European Commission wants to do something about urban mobility. However it has no power to force regional mobility agencies to change. The two tools it has at its disposal are advice and funding innovation. How can they improve urban mobility on a European scale?

The project, in collaboration with production team Jack in the Box, is a video to communicate the European Commission’s vision on integrated urban mobility and to make the material more accessible.

Firstly the project involved digesting the Commission’s approach and objectives for urban mobility. We simplified main themes and objectives into a series of simple and intuitive icons that needed little translating and could be used throughout the European member states. These themes can be broken down to impacts (congestion, emissions, accidents), objectives (intermodality, softer modes, cleaner fuels), modes (pedestrians, cycling, collective and private modes), interventions (urban access regulations, urban logistics, road safety and ITS solutions) and finally what the European Commission can do to help (showcasing, guidance and funding innovation).

The film elaborates this idea through the narrative of four characters – each representing a different mode, a different demographic group and a different mobility solution.

The film is set in a generic urban model world. Actors were shot in green-screen with additional animation overlaid. The outcome is intended to be both entertaining but engaging.

See the video here.

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