19 November 2020

PAD Caserne USquare approved

The PAD Caserne is the legal masterplan that will steer the redevelopment of the former Caserne d'Ixelles site in Brussels into the USquare District, a new lively, sustainable and inclusive neighbourhood.

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BUUR accompanied the region in the development of the Usquare planning process. The masterplan aims to create a new urban dynamic based on knowledge, innovation, inclusion and accessibility, healthy and resilient environment. The project combines a four-track vision that aims to deliver a unique and car-free neighbourhood, an academic and entrepreneurship hub, a dynamic social environment and a model for urban heritage preservation. It leverages on the existing architectural qualities to preserve heritage and scale-up circular building solutions for current and future refurbishment and transformation, using both circular design and material reuse. Usquare addresses territorial deployment of the circular economy and efficient value chains for sectors such as food, constructions and manufacturing.

The project has recently been awarded by the “Green Deal Going local initiative” as one of the 200 European best practices to realize the EU Green Deal. It’s great to see this ambitious circular economy project bringing together so many stakeholders and innovative ways of living, learning and creating!

Nonetheless, Usquare is a scalable project and process. It tests replicable climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions that create cross-thematic and sectorial co-benefits. Project’s results are fully contributing to the European Green Deal objectives: a just economic transition towards a climate Neutral Europe.

More info on the project in Dutch or French.