11 October 2016

Information forest for the circulation plan of Leuven

The installment of three 'information forests' marks a next step in the transformation of Leuvens inner city in parallel to the implementation of the new circulation plan.

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Parallel to the implementation of the new circulation plan, collaborators of BUUR and other architects, artists and inhabitants of Leuven voluntarily engaged themselves in the platform ‘Straten Vol Leuven’. Their goal was to help transform several key spaces in the city center with temporary interventions. Now that the center becomes widely car-free or ‘low-car’, many public spaces that used to be reserved for the parking of cars, are becoming free. To show their potential and to avoid that they would become under-used spaces, four areas have been selected and a set of interventions has been designed to guide their evolution from parking to square. These are temporary interventions to bridge the time until the squares will be properly refurbished. At the same time a route was designed that connects the different squares and was marked with new trees and urban furniture. To explain the whole project, each square also got a playful ‘information forest’ with background info and interactive message boards.

The interventions have been designed on a voluntary basis by people of BUUR, T’jonck-Nilis Architecten, Plant en Houtgoed, A33 Architecten, Tripleclick and Bram Kerkhofs. The realization was made possible thanks to support from the city of Leuven and the province of Vlaams-Brabant.