13 May 2019

BUUR in Pakistan

BUUR is active in Pakistan to help setting the main guidelines for new housing development in Karachi.


As part of our role in the advising team of the World Bank, BUUR regularly carries out small missions in countries like Egypt, Tunisia and now also Pakistan. This last mission takes place in a context of a severe housing shortage, where the federal government of Pakistan has announced an ambitious agenda of housing development. BUUR will help the World Bank to define an urban renewal investment project, that could fit within the federal housing plan and serve as an urban development model for the city of Karachi. With the help of the NED University, the World Bank has identified a potential site for the case study. In the short term, the mission focus on the evaluation of the site, to understand its complexities and its potential to become a pilot project. Last week we went to Karachi for the first time to check out the site and meet the involved stakeholders.