31 December 2020

Bright lights for a climate-neutral future

For the 2020 edition of the ISOCARP 'Review of world planning practice', BUUR and Leuven 2030 wrote a paper about the city's plans for a climate neutral future.


2020 was a strange year, but nevertheless the start of a decade that will be decisive towards a climate-neutral future. To bend the curve of climate change by 2050, all plans for spatial transformations that BUUR makes today support explicitly the urgent transition towards carbon neutrality. Together with partners we guide decision makers in adopting spatial visions, transition strategies and action plans for a climate proof future and a resolute energy transition.

We are particularly inspired by our collaboration with the city of Leuven and the multi-stakeholder platform Leuven2030. BUUR developed the roadmap 2025-2035-2050 towards a climate neutral Leuven. It is ambitious, concrete and feasible, building upon the scientific evidence. The roadmap focuses on how to get things done with a broad set of actions and support systems. We are proud that the roadmap, and the process towards it, features in the Review 16 ‘Post-oil urbanism’, the annual flagship publication of ISOCARP.

The time is now for implementation. We are happy that the city of Leuven has asked our consortium BUUR, 3E and DUSS to develop and implement the municipal energy policy for the next years…