21 December 2020

2nd prize in Bosque Metropolitano competition in Madrid

BUUR and Gutiérrez-delaFuente won the 2nd prize in the prestigious design competition for the metropolitan green belt of Madrid in Spain!

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We are happy to announce that BUUR together with the Madrid office Gutiérrez-delaFuente have won the Second Prize for the Site 03 “El Anillo Verde del Sureste” of the Bosque Metropolitano of Madrid (Madrid metropolitan green belt) with the proposal “De Cerro a Cerro”.

The Bosque Metropolitano is one of the largest and most ambitious landscape projects in Europe at the moment and is one of a number of varied strategies the City Council of Madrid is implementing in order to address the climate crisis. A project promoted by the Área de Desarrollo Urbano of the City of Madrid that will give shape to a new green infrastructure, with forest beltway of 75 km encircling the city. A project which aims to restore the ecology of degraded areas, bring new qualities to the suburban neighborhoods, and to decarbonize the metropolitan area via mass reforestations.

The Site 03, with 3.078 hectare, includes the segment located at the south-east of Madrid. An area where several planned urban developments’ meet an arid and mistreated open landscape including queries, informal settlements, waste treatment plants, and a vast eroded landscape.

The proposal developed a strategic landscape vision for the site, and its integration with the context via a set of spatial strategies including the valorization of the cultural landscape, the reinforcement of the water networks, the promotion of productive landscapes, space for nature and reforestation, and the implementation of green infrastructure within the new planned developments.

Proud to work together with a multidisciplinary team including Gutiérrez-delaFuente (Madrid) and experts in biodiversity Terra Ecogest (Terracentro) with biologists Carlos Sunyer and Lola Manteiga, Jacinto Ruiz Civil Engineer, @urbanreports @davide_curatola_soprana documentary photographer, and Pedro Antonio Cabezudo land surveyor.

Read more about the competition procedure and results.